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New Century Strategies

Are you confused about the product direction your company should take?

Do your marketing materials clearly tell your customers why they should buy your product?

For 20 years, Roger Blanton has been identifying new high-tech markets, building out successful business plans to enter these markets and managing these business lines for maximum return. He most recently added businesses to a California high-tech communications company resulting in added revenue of $100M this year.

The New Century consultancy focuses on marketing and business development, specifically in three areas.

- Writing critical marketing collateral material to support your new or existing product lines. Insuring your marketing message is clear, effective and consistent to your customers, suppliers, and business partners.

- Product strategy development to improve the performance of existing product lines. Evaluating new market whitespace and formulating new product lines to introduce.

- Writing business plans that result in getting the critical funding your business needs to operate or in selling your business at the greatest shareholder value.

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Sometimes a little light from a welcome source can bring clarity and insight to the picture. If you're not sure your brochures, data sheets and white papers are on target. If you're product line isn't producing revenue to your forecasted plan. If your business is declining and you're not sure of your next step. Let someone who's "been there and done that" provide the guidance you're looking for.

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