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New Century Strategies
Marketing Collateral

Is your marketing message and supporting collateral on target?


Your marketing message is crucial to the success of your company. This message tells your customers who you are, what you do and, most importantly, why they should buy from you. Furthermore, it should be based on sound market and customer segmentation. No company can expect to be the best at everything. Focus.

After you've established a winning market message, all of your marketing collateral should support the message. Consistency will win the day, both in form and content. This message should come through in all your collateral, including press releases, websites, brochures, white papers, data sheets, operations and/or user manuals, sales training materials, customer presentations, and proposals.


Developed PowerPoint presentations to Fortune 500 Corporate customers for successful sales of high-tech products and services of up to $5M per account.

Wrote press releases, brochures, white papers, and data sheets for a Florida high-tech manufacturer for product lines generating $40M in revenue per year.

Developed training classes and manuals for sales and support employees for a high-tech manufacturer with sales of $250M.

Wrote technical whitepapers on SS7 Signaling, Remote Access, and Communicatioins Networking for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

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