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New Century Strategies
About Us

Philosophies that guide my practice and relationships with clients.

My guiding principles:

Success in the end is very much related to how a project gets underway. That's why before each project begins a description is written of the project's objectives and a schedule of milestones to gauge progress along the way. This insures that both parties know the objectives and required time schedule, so that in the end both of us are happy with the results.

While I've been building and managing product lines, writing marketing and training materials of all kinds, along with basic business plans, for over 20 years, that doesn't mean I'm the perfect candidate for every client. If I don't have the experience to help you, I'll say so.

Our Company

You might call New Century a boutique consulting company. It is small and highly specialized. While most assignments are completed locally, I have on call a number of consultants around the country who can provide other resources as required. This might include in depth industry research or specialized technical knowledge like wireless CDMA or cable CMTS.

Engagements are considered active only after a written description of the objectives and actions that New Directions is to take, plus a project schedule, is agreed to. The fee is included in this agreement. Fees may be calculated on a T&M basis or a fixed fee depending on the nature of the engagement and the client's preference.

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