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New Century Strategies
Business Plans

Delivering the cash your business deserves.

Your business plan is your primary vehicle to raise needed capital to grow your business. It tells the story of your business to potential investors. If you have had difficulty either raising cash or selling your company, you probably have a business plan that needs to be reworked. We can develop a plan from scratch or rework an existing plan to insure that the value proposition is fresh and unique, the marketing plan gets attention, and most important, the financials are attractive to investment bankers and private VC's. New Century will write a business plan that delivers the equity your business deserves.


Led M&A and Integration process for a $500M high-tech communications company. Evaluated dozens of companies for acquisition potential, developed pro-forma P&Ls, did market analysis, and made go/no-go recommendations based on synthesized business plan.

Developed business plan, managed M&A and follow-on integration of a $25M Fax-Over-IP software supplier based in Toronto, Canada.

Developed business plan, managed M&A and follow-on integration of a $80M Unified Messaging supplier located in Reston, Virgina.

Evaluated new business plans from small pre-IPO companies submitted to a $1B High-Tech Venture fund of a Fortune 100 Company.

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