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New Century Strategies
Product Planning

Analyzing And Making Product Line Decisions

Product planning strategy is sometimes viewed as an art and successful launches attributed to luck. In reality, analyzing which markets to enter and developing successful product launches are the result of successful product planning experience. A good product planning process means that a company has analyzed the industry and identified good opportunities for growth, identified customer segments in which the company can win, been realistic in the core competencies of the company to develop and market these products, and has the experience at hand to succeed.


For a Florida manufacturer, built the business plan and managed their entrance into a new line of business based on a strategic partnership with Cisco - attained revenues of $20M in its second year.

Analyzed the market and developed a business plan for a Chicago communications company to develop a Class 4/5 IP Switch - line will attain revenue of $50M this year.

Analyzed the market for Signaling Gateways and developed a business plan for this same company to enter this business -will contribute $25M in revenue this year.

Developed and managed a communication's company's first T1 product line - contributed $40M in revenue in second year.

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